How we work

Our business growth process: Model the best, reach and activate buyers, track results, tweak to optimize, do it again.

I have a small team with a proven track record of improving lead generation, sales and marketing results — in dozens of industries, large and small, in all growth stages—remove the barriers to sustainable growth and higher bottom line profit.

The process

The aim is to meet a specific target for authentic, maintainable, profitable growth that is measurable. Achieving traction requires a methodical, organized approach to upskilling behaviors, establishing new sales/marketing channels, and deciding on the right strategy for you to scale opportunities. Finding new and better opportunities will require making multiple small improvements along the path to the goal.


1. Everything starts with a conversation.

What do you need? Want? Discussion of your current situation and how we might help. We drill down on training or coaching options we mutually agree might help you and review the steps of how your program would unfold. If we mutually agree we are a fit, you may choose to hire us. If we are not a fit or timing is not right, we’ll both feel that time spent discussing options was worthwhile.

2. Align on clear objectives

I won’t spend 10 minutes on an initiative until we are clear on what the goals are. Those goals may get clearer as we go along, but together we are laser focused on what success looks like. Commonly, this is cost of new opportunities, cost of new client acquisition, size of new opportunities and profit margins.

3. Achieving traction

Everything worthwhile is built on a solid foundation. Together, we will identify cracks in your foundation and patch them up. I believe in rapidly testing small, failing fast, tweaking and trying again. Once we have enough actionable data and confidence, we scale to level desired. You will end up with a durable strategy and the right mix of tactics implemented correctly to sustain growth.

4. Priorities, quick wins and long-term revenue growth.

We will identify and discuss with you every opportunity we see for quick wins. It is not unusual for there to be a few things that can be done quickly and cheaply that have a disproportionate bottom-line impact. But those quick wins will never distract us from the overall strategy and achieving long-term objectives.

5. Build on solid foundations, test small, fail fast. Expand what works, throw what doesn’t down the stairs.

Every new tactic requires testing. Every new learned skill requires practice. We track progress and are quick to tweak or pivot to get the tactic mix right. If a team members need more support on upskilling, we provide it. Ultimately, working together, we will end up with the right strategy and mix of tactics, properly executed, to create the conditions that will lead to the result desired.