Our Ideal Client...

– Is managing a sales team of between 3 and 25 reps. Sells expertise, intangibles or a service. An initial sales appointment or discovery call is part of their sales process.

– If you are an individual or have a very small team you are very committed to becoming a top producer, willing to invest in yourself and change behaviors.

– Works directly with me (not through another staff member) and is authorized to make decisions.

– Is hiring me due to my expertise and willingness to be direct and candid. I am always professional, always try to be as nice as possible, but clients hire me to reach an objective ASAP. Good clients understand that to complete transitions that are important to them, that at times uncomfortable business truths must be addressed. You want to have those conversations in order to reach the goal and respect the messenger. Good clients recognize that some discomfort is part of the journey to significantly improved business outcomes. If you are not uncomfortable at times you are not growing or moving fast enough.

– Realize that if they knew what to do, they would have already done it. They are willing to let me lead the project, diagnose the problems, prioritize actions and recommend the best path to the desired business outcome. They want the truth and solutions to match.

– Is very much open to new methods as their best efforts and current level of expertise is not able to meet the objective. They want to be pointed in the right direction based upon what has worked for others similarly situated.

– Has no hesitation about the fee or payment terms next to the impact a successful initiative will deliver. Not hiring me costs more. Every month that passes without improvement means winnable clients choosing competitors.

– If a client is comfortable thinking about change, deciding to change and preparing to change, but can’t bring themselves to actually change, the relationship will not be mutually beneficial. Half measures are not profitable for us and typically don’t deliver an ROI for you, so we prefer to pass on those projects.

– We strive to align your sales behaviors with the behaviors and practices of industry leaders and top producers. We want you to be like the best, not the rest. Those that are unwilling to adopt new behaviors or act differently from the common herd will be mediocre at best and we are not a good match.