Laser Focus On Economic Buyers. Throw Everyone Else Down The Stairs

Setting appointments and discovery calls is about ultimately closing sales. Your prospecting efforts are one part of an overall process that generates new business cost-effectively.

People who have no needs, no money or no time will be annoyed and bothered regardless of what you do. Their feelings are irrelevant.

Your objective – your sole objective – is to get the most out of the time/money that you invest in prospecting (to schedule the most appointments with qualified prospects as you can).

For your company and yourself, you cannot let those who have no needs you can satisfy, dictate your actions. Focus only on how to deliver your message effectively to those who have a need. So, at the moment of truth, when you only have a few seconds to deliver your carefully calculated, benefit- rich message, those prospects will absorb it and be receptive to it.

Always speak and act as if you were speaking to someone who would be receptive to your message.

What do I mean by this?

Well, the great majority of people we speak to have no need or desire to buy what we are selling. That being the case, many salespeople water down what they say to be comfortable with prospects they expect will say no.

They don’t want to bother or interrupt people. They don’t want to annoy them (whatever that means). What ridiculous thoughts. You want to interrupt people. You decided to interrupt them when you chose to call them. You want to interrupt them and get them to focus on you.

Think only of those who you can reach; who have a need; and who, if they can comprehend and absorb the major benefits you can deliver to them, would meet with you. Ignore everyone else.

Focus only on actions that would be welcomed by those that are reachable, have a need and would be receptive to meeting with you.

Everything you say and how you say it must assume that you are speaking to an economic buyer, someone who has a need and will be willing to take the next step, as soon as you’ve said the things buyers want to hear.

You have a very limited time to make your case before the minds of suspects’ and prospects’ shut off, and they conclude that you are wasting their time.

Don’t waste precious time probing to see if they have a need or interest before you unload the heavy guns and deliver your powerful benefit-laden message. Don’t ask decision-makers who don’t know you “if they have a few minutes”? Waste no words that don’t communicate benefits to those who need what you offer. Deliver only words that communicate benefits to them.

Deliver only the words that would get someone who has a need you can fill to sit up and pay attention to you.

Those that don’t recognize a need or are not buyers will reject you no matter what you say. Don’t focus on them or give that group even a moments thought.

Focus 100% on saying words that buyers need to hear to conclude you are worth more of their time. Assume everyone is a buyer until you learn otherwise.

Most of your best clients fit a certain profile. They respond a certain way to your calls and move through your sales pipeline pretty much as all your other good clients did. The more you vary from your desirable new account profile or an appointment setting or sales process that works, the fewer results you will get.

Assuming you have picked the right pool of targets, all you have to do is move methodically through that pool and deliver a very clear, precise benefit-laden message. When you do, the ears of your future new clients will pick up, and they will identify themselves to you. If you are concisely delivering a benefit-laden message to the right audience, they will respond.

If they do not, maybe you are not clear and concise. Maybe you are not communicating enough benefits that they need. Or, maybe you have cast the net far too wide,  defined the pool of targets you will call too broadly, and far too many you call have no needs you can help with, so they reject what you say.

Focus solely on “Buyers.” Say what “buyers,” those that recognize a need, have some discomfort with their present situation or are open to a new vendor relationship, need to hear to determine you are worth more of their time. Ignore everyone else and ruthlessly toss them down the stairs.