Are You Putting Lipstick On Your B2B Appointment Setting Pig?

Arnold on Green Acres looks like a Rhodes Scholar compared to some of the prospecting pigs I see.

Are you…

– Doing nothing at all (aka certain doom.) Or

– Fattening up your prospecting pig so it feeds you again and again and again?

Well, what is it?

New qualified prospects are the lifeblood of new revenues. Yet, what have you done the last 6 months… the last 3 months… to improve the process you use to meet new qualified prospects?

You might now expect to read some exhortation from me to change, to improve, to go get the business that is out there. But I won’t. Why? Because most people don’t change.

Even when faced with a “you would have to be brain dead” not to take action, most people will wait, see what happens, and accelerate their own decline.

Despite the economy people and companies are still buying, more than some are growing and guess what…. there are a lot of salespeople leaving their co-workers in the dust, beating industry trends and increasing their incomes substantially.

There is no disputing that some companies and people do prosper in a slow economy. New business makes that happen and yet how many actually change their prospecting and lead systems to stem the decline… to actually move forward? Very few. That’s reality.

A few emails ago you heard audio clips from a small company that in the last few months went from 20 to 100 qualified appointments a week. Passed $1 million in revenue for the first time. Yet I speak to many people, in the same situation, in the same industry, who are croaking… yet will not change what they are doing. That is human nature.

That small company did not merely put lipstick on their prospecting pig. They also did not spend a lot of money. The manager told me they were already investing the time and salaries yet getting little. Their prospecting ship may have floated when all ships were rising in a good economy, but now it was sinking fast. They spent less than $200 out of pocket for some direction and used time that was increasingly unproductive to implement a new process.

Their prospecting pig had no process. No thought out way of communicating value. There was no rhyme or reason as to who was being called. Better prospects were getting no attention and tire-kickers and time-wasters were being called again and again. Their messaging was made up as they went. They had no Plan B. They had no continuous touch system. No wonder their prospecting was a pig. Arnold on Green Acres looked like a Rhodes Scholar compared to their prospecting pig.

They also didn’t wait and ponder while the economy crumbled around them.

That manager had an internal drive to change and he sought out the strategies to get the business that was out there. He also increased his personal income by $50,000 by improving sales results at the end of last year while the economy was tanking.

Change was within him. Is it within you?

I had never spoken to Craig until he called to say “Thank You.” He said, “I feel like I owe you a favor,” so I asked to record an interview with him as to how he turned things around.

If you would like to hear this one-hour interview it is in my “Club.”

Best wishes for sales success,
Scott Channell