Live Public Seminars

These presentations are conducted by Scott Channell on the dates and locations below. They may be combined with corporate or individual coaching and implementation assistance.

Boston March 16, 2020
(This is a past event)

How to Set More B2B Discovery Calls and Sales Appointments

Clone your best accounts by generating more worthwhile discovery calls and first meetings. This is a master course in appointment setting and scheduling more discovery calls B2B by someone that smiled and dialed his way to set 2,000+ C-Level appointments in diverse industries. All the core scripting and call process strategies you need to jump-start or launch an outreach program that can realistically connect you to buyers is in here. I learned it by doing it and making mistake after mistake and testing, testing, testing to come up with a system that works. That, plus writing two books on the subject (search “Scott Channell” on Amazon)and teaching others to do this for 20+ years. You or your sales team can avoid the mistakes and launch or improve a program quickly with these strategies. Presented by Scott Channell.