Outside Sales: Chasing Mice or Hunting Antelope?

A thought for the day for all you outside sales marketing lions out there…

A marketing lion may be fully capable of catching, killing and dining on a field mouse. But the energy you expend doing so exceeds the calories you get from the mouse. So a marketing lion that spends it’s time and resources hunting and living on field mice is starving to death. The only thing uncertain is the date of death. A lion can’t survive on field mice. A lion stays strong eating antelope.

Antelope are big. You need more speed, strength and skill to catch and kill one, but you and your family are fed a great feast with many leftovers (wonder if it is low carb?). A marketing lion lives longer, and is wealthier and happier catching and eating antelope.

Where are YOUR time and resources going? Are you exhausting yourself to catch field mice? It may feel great chomping on little Mickey but you are going to die.

At the end of the day, at the end of this week, ask yourself, “Have I been chasing mice or hunting antelope?” Be honest. If your answer is mice, you better get refocused and on the trail of larger game. Find it within yourself to change course or seek help in doing the things you need to do to eat well, be strong and prosperous.

Mouse hunting can be exhausting. That exhaustion can lead to a tactical focus which makes you weak. Refocus on the big strategies that will make you strong.

Best wishes with your marketing<
Scott Channell