Phone Scripts Prospecting Phrase to Use

Sample script prospecting phrase to use while prospecting for sales appointments… and one difference that doesn’t matter.

You will learn: One phrase that will help you communicate value… and why company size doesn’t matter.

“Tim, what do you think made the difference?”

Three meetings set in one day with top exec’s of Fortune 200 companies was pretty good. A very happy Tim called me last Friday (Feb 13) at 4:30 to share the news and say thanks.

What did he tell me? Two things. But you first must understand that Tim is on retainer by multiple companies to set appointments at a high level, and he is very good at it. So he already knew the basics and a lot more.

“Scott, this line has really made a difference, “I’d like to introduce myself and share some specific strategies and methods used to accomplish these results.” “

Tim used that line after he had clearly stated what his client did, slayed them with a credibility statement, then knocked them over by relating three specific benefits companies received when working with his client.

Tim wove into his credibility and benefits statement specific results achieved. Not generalities. Numbers. Specifics. Then he transitioned to asking for the meeting by using his now favorite line.

“I would like to introduce myself and share some specific strategies and methods used to accomplish these results.”

He would end up by stating the prospect would be certain to learn some useful things… if you think of us in the future that would be great… would you have some time in the next week or two?

Tim felt that line helped him to focus on communicating the value that would be delivered AT THE MEETING.

Write this down: It’s the perceived value delivered at the meeting that gets you the commitment. Not the possibility that you may be a superior vendor down the road.

The 2nd thing Tim told me made the difference? Just tightening up his pitch, eliminating words that didn’t communicate value, replacing generalities with specifics.

Try using that line. Punch up your scripts and go get em.

Another topic. The difference that doesn’t matter.

Had a conversation with Deb P. from Indiana yesterday who said “Scott, your emails are good but they focus on prospecting to big companies, I sell to small companies.” I hear that a lot. It is a difference that doesn’t matter.

There are not totally different effective processes for setting appointments among smaller companies and larger companies. The process is the same.

I find that it is not the size of the target company that makes a difference, but whether you are seeking short term closes or longer sales cycle closes.

If you are in a situation where you must find short-term closes you will alter your core process a bit… note I said alter your core process, not abandon it… to accomplish your objective.

Best wishes with your selling,
Scott Channell

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