Effective phone scripts tip: How to Convey Your Credibility

Give Your Targets “Cause For Pause” by Projecting Credibility within Seconds.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your prospecting targets choke on the words “I’m all set” or “just send some info?”

Would a strategy more powerful than your prospects knee jerk, keep the status quo (do nothing), this one is like all the rest, “not interested” typical response to a request for a meeting?

Well lets take a moment to focus on just one element of breaking through your high worth prospects mind defenses and getting an appointment.

Projecting credibility. Projecting worth… within seconds of hearing “Hello.”

This is about giving your targets “cause for pause” so that the auto-response blow-off’s get stuck in their throat. You stop them dead in their tracks by projecting credibility that says, “I am different and better than the rest. You may get something valuable from me. It would be worth it to listen to me just a few seconds longer.”

You can project credibility in a variety of ways, but there is one important key to giving them “cause for pause.”

Project credibility by…

– dropping recognizable names of major companies who have worked with you.

– dropping recognizable names of local companies that have worked with you.

– relate the number of companies that have worked with you within a period of time

– relate results that have been achieved with your solution.

– relate benefits meaningful to your prospects (not just you.)

– there are others

The one important key to cut through the B.S. barrier and getting your target to take your seriously????????????? Specifics, specifics, specifics.

You must relate specific companies, a specific number, specific meaningful benefits, specific results.

So throw away all the … we do good work, we give good service, we are swell… meaningless generalities that mean nothing.

Mega Industries, Goliath Intergalactic and The Humongous Company

have chosen us to…

Locally, Charlie’s place, Hometown Manufacturing and Mayberry’s

Best work with us because…

Last year, 103 companies with more than 250 computer stations chose us to…

We helped a widget plant like yours realize a $225,000 savings within 90 days and increase throughput 4.2% within 6 months, we would like to share info…

Specifics, specifics, specifics. Shoot them between the eyes with specifics that project credibility and worth and separate you from all the other schmucks who think appointment setting is just a numbers game and all they have to do is dial more.

You have to have something to say. You have to have something to say that gives them cause for pause.

So how are you projecting credibility?

Are you really saying anything that is different or more powerful than your competition?

If not, you are costing yourself a lot of opportunities.

Best wishes for sales success,

Scott Channell

copyright 2006-2009