Sales authenticity vs. being salesy: What is best for buyers?

What does being authentic in selling mean?
Does it mean never being overbearing, overly aggressive, or manipulative in sales situations? I think so.
Does it mean having a 100% comfy conversation from the word “Hello?” I think not.

Think of a doctor that knows a child is going to feel a bit of pain or distressed when receiving a treatment that is very much in the child’s best interests. That doctor is authentic in that they know that the temporary discomfort the patient feels is outweighed by the benefit received.

When a sales rep says, “I don’t want to be salesy,” I believe that really means “I don’t want to do anything I am uncomfortable with.”

Many reps absolutely refuse to provide information that buyers need and want to know, because the rep feels it is “too pushy” and might make a prospect uncomfortable. They set the bar on being “too pushy” too low.

Let’s give two common scenarios. You are seeking to sell a meeting via phone or email, or you have sold a meeting and are now meeting with the prospect. Let’s further assume that you are a top-notch advisor/provider that does a superior job for clients, and you have the track record and can prove it. First impressions matter.

When you lose a sale to a perfect prospect, that would have been best served by you, the root cause is mostly found at the beginning of the relationship. The buyer failed to receive information that formed accurate perceptions of your true value and credibility. You failed to ask the questions that would uncover true buying motivations and concerns. Therefore, the buyer failed to perceive you as the top-notch provider you are. And, they felt their needs were not being met as you failed to ask the questions to uncover those needs.

Do you believe these statements to be true?
Most buyers are not true buyers because when push comes to shove, they are going to do nothing. They stick with the status quo. So you providing info as to your credibility, examples of success and track record, that may make prospects a tad uncomfortable as they listen to it costs you nothing, as they were not truly inclined to do anything, anyway.

The next largest group of buyers will end up choosing someone other than you. In these cases, you can make a difference by providing info as to your credibility, examples of success and track record in a direct and professional manner. If a buyer is a tad uncomfortable listening to you a bit, so what? If they can’t perceive you as their best option, they will pick an inferior option. It is in the prospect’s best interest for you to provide this info even if it pinches a bit.

The last group, the group that will buy from you, welcome the info they need to determine your credibility and potential value to them.

The point of this post. You should always be authentic and act in the prospect’s best interest. Conducting yourself with the prospect’s best interests in mind means that at times they will feel a pinch or be a bit uncomfortable.

Think about where you draw the line on what is salesy and what is not.

Hope this didn’t make you feel uncomfortable – not!