Sales Management is Often Self Management. Pick Your Mentors Carefully

If you are serious about managing a lead generation process that consistently spits up qualified opportunities that convert, you have a very important decision to make.

The decision? What behaviors are you going to model.

Top sales producers have clarity about the behaviors that are most likely to work. Present them with any common scenario and ask them how they handle it and you get an immediate answer.

Whoa!! Novel concept. Top producers have actually identified common scenarios they face, thought about them and purposely crafted a response/behavior that is most likely lead them to the result they seek. Amazing.

They have clarity about the behaviors most likely to lead to the result they seek. They stay in that zone.

How about the rest. The non-top-producers. Ask them how they handle a scenario they commonly face. This is what you hear. “Um… Ah… it depends.” Um… ah… you never know…. every situation is so unique.” “Ah… um… well my industry, geography, clients, my side of the street…. it’s so different.”

What crap.

The also-rans and never-going-to-be’s, no matter how smart, determined and hard-working, have no clarity about the scripts, behaviors and practices that are most likely to lead them to the success they seek.

The wanna-be’s who never will-be’s are experts on what not to do and all the exceptions to the rules.

Top producers have clarity about what they believe in. Are there exceptions to every rule? Of course. We are dealing with humans and complex interactions. There will be exceptions.

But it is also true that there are behaviors that are more likely to lead to the result you seek. The closer you stick to that “high-probability zone” the more likely you will be successful. Stray from that zone too often and your results plummet.

Suffice it to say that none of us are trying to do something that hasn’t been done many times before, that isn’t being done right now by others very very successfully.

Find those that have done (are doing) what you are seeking to do.
Do what they do. Without exception.

When I started setting high level sales appointments I did what I was told, I did what most others did, I did what was common and popular. I failed miserably.

When I stopped following the crowd and got very serious about aligning my behaviors, scripts and practices with what the successful lead generators were doing, my life changed.

My suggestions.
Anybody who hasn’t actually done what they are teaching. Goodbye.
Anybody that promotes 2-hour this or instant solutions. Goodbye.
Anybody who preaches one thing as THE ANSWER. Goodbye. The answer is never one thing. It is always multiple things. A process.
Anybody who promises a no-work instant-turnaround great riches solutions…. goodbye. Have enough of those T-shirts.

When it comes to business to business sales and lead generation many do that extremely well.
Identify them.
Do what they do without exception.

Get clarity about what you are going to do.
When you encounter a common scenario, be it gatekeeper interaction, your set the appointment pitch, objections, voicemails or follow-up touches know the response or action that is most likely to get the result you seek.