Effective sales script credibility statement examples

There is one mistake I see commonly that absolutely cripples your ability to be effective with cold calling outreach to book B2B sales appointments.

The lack of an effective credibility statement.
In fact, the lack of any credibility statement at all. Ouch.

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Credibility statements improve B2B lead generation results

How are your sales prospects supposed to know that you are superior and more worthwhile than the other 20 people who call them every week to waste their time?

How are your sales leads supposed to know that you are not a schmuck working out of their parents’ basement?

How is your potentially next great client supposed to realize that you are unique and more valuable than others they could find with a few keystrokes online?
They won’t. Unless you tell them.

Why should they invest even a few moments on the phone with a stranger of unknown qualifications and experience when the identity of qualified vendors and experts are just a few keystrokes away?
They won’t. Unless you give them reason to do so.

Why are credibility statements so important in sales messaging?

Your credibility statements separate you from the pack. The buyers you speak will make a decision in a mere moment. Is this person worth my time to speak to.

Let me state what prospects are thinking in another way.

First, do I have a problem this person might help me with. If a prospect cannot grasp what problems you solve right away, you are toast. They are not going to hang on hoping that at some point you will enlighten them.

If they have an inking that you could help them with a problem they have, they now think “Is this person, company, worth my time?” Many callers promise the moon and start without proof. Everyone you are reaching out to has been burned multiple times by reps that make promises they can’t deliver on.

With your b2B outreach effort you need to immediately, within just a few seconds, that you are established, proven, have capabilities superior to the other knuckleheads that call them or that they might find online.

Example of how credibility statements changed someone’s life

I once received a call from a very accomplished sales leader in a niche industry. She was now consulting, and she could not understand why people were hesitant to meet with her and why so many appointments scheduled were canceled.

Here is a clue. People who blow you off clearly don’t “get” your credibility or value.

In this case I knew a lot about the results that this salesperson had achieved for organizations. She had a stellar record of achievement helping companies solve common and costly problems. Prior to her consulting career, she had excelled in the field and consistently ranked within the top three of a 15,000+ sales organization.

Did the future buyers she scheduled the discovery calls with know anything about those results? No.

Did the people she scheduled sales meetings with know about her remarkable accomplishments in the industry before she started consulting? No.

Should we really be surprised that decision makers ignored her or failed to attend her appointments? No.

Look at the credibility statements in the front half of this script

“Hi. This is Liz from Mega Industries. We help companies to _____________ and those that have worked with us have achieved major benefit A, monster result B and significant achievement C. Before I started consulting I was a top performer in this industry achieving stellar result A, Super result B and unbelievable result C. … continuing.”

Conveying credibility makes an enormous difference and if you do not do so right up front, you are toast.

How to establish credibility in a sales script: you have options

Let’s look at some credibility statement options to get you thinking.

  • Work with 3,000 businesses…
  • 500 Kalamazoo area businesses…
  • 18,000 customers…
  • 98.5% of customers purchase again…
  • Companies like Mega Industries, I.B. Sorry and Bob’s Burgers selected us…
  • We are a preferred X org vendor…
  • 63% of Massachusetts ABC industry companies use us…
  • 22,000 installations in 10 states…
  • #1 in the tri-state area…
  • Do more business than our next 5 competitors combined…
  • We typically achieve specific result X…
  • One account achieved a 22% increase in ________….
  • 3 projects in the last 6 months resulted in a $50,000 or more cost savings…

What do you notice about the above options?
No generalities. Full of specifics.

There are no… we are great, we are swell, we are full-service, superior, we really care for our customers…meaningless generality non-specific garbage. There is none of that.

Write down all possible credibility statements.

If you want to write an effective sales script brainstorm all possible credibility statements and write them down in your “pile of words.” Provide proofs, numbers, examples and specifics.

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