Door to Door Sales Scripts 911 Rescue. “Sell Now or Die.”

Door to door sales challenged? Door to doorers take heed of this true tale of cold calling on front steps success.

These door to door sales tips come courtesy of Mark from TX creates 6-figure income knocking on doors with new door-to-door sales scripts and techniques.The 911 call… the 5 step turnaround… the effective opening pitch and sales strategies.

Could you engineer a similar cold calling improvement? Why not?

Short story illustrates the power of a door knocker understanding proper script structure and constant improving of your template. When you can craft good phone scripts you can craft scripts that will work in other sales and marketing situations, even door to door. Mark got a good result approaching home after home with a solid door to door sales pitch. He learned what the components are of a total front step sales pitch process that will convert to contracts.

Door salesman need to know how to establish a solid foundation to close a deal, what is counter-intuitive about top scripting pitches and just how rapidly the closes can come when you get it right.

Key door to door sales tip is to write down your sales pitch word for word and constantly improve your script template.

Constant small improvements win the game. Your front step techniques improve by constantly massaging your verbiage.

When Mark first called me my initial reaction was not good. He was a failing and frustrated door to door salesman looking for  a sales opener pitch script and some techniques that worked right away. Didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or just politely bow out.

Mark needed to make this commission job work. He told me he was door to door prospecting with the mindset of someone approaching a haunted house. He was working like a dog but making nothing. His scripts and sales techniques were not working. It had been 4 weeks of doors slammed, “not interested,” and just send me something.

Mark was in a “sell now or die” situation. Job prospects weren’t good for Mark after getting laid off and he needed to sell now. Something about his door to door sales techniques were off.

The top people were closing 3 or 4 per three-hour shift and making 6 figures a year. He was closing one every other night and eating Ramon noodles. He desperately needed to improve his door to door success rate.

Bottom line? Within two weeks he is closing 3+ a night and buying steak. Solid sales scripts and sales techniques can do that for you.

Totally revising his opening lines and script structure and the way he thought about interacting with prospects between a barely opened door did it. Let me share some of the best tips and lessons.

Mark was door to door prospecting and his company was selling cable digital fiber optic upgrade services. When the business installed a new area, after the mail and phone blitz they sent people door to door to try to convert the stragglers and close more deals. Mark was part of this business team.

1st step. Get congruent with what those already successfully selling door to door what you offer.

Learn from their opening line techniques and pitch process from start to finish. Write down sales pitch examples. Your open door front stoop sales verbiage must be congruent with the selling scripts and blather that is working for others.

The business Mark worked for provided zip for training. You felt that you weren’t walking door to door, rather you were walking off a cliff. The scripts the sales manager provided were worthless. Not even close to a door to door sales script with a door bells chance of working. Might as well have thrown rocks at the house and called their mother names.

When we started along the yellow brick walkway to door to door sales success, I asked Mark if he could identify top sellers and speak to them, arrange to shadow them. Find out what they were doing. He was able to do that quickly. Note for emphasis here. Mark was starving. He needed to close on those door steps desperately. Yet he spent three days trudging down walkways with door to door salesman far more successful than he. Three days spent with no chance of earning a sales commission for himself, yet giving him a chance, a chance, to turn his door to door job of drudgery into something that would bring home big bucks. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

Step two. Break the door to door sales script down line by line and understand the components.

Any sale is only as strong as the foundation it is built on. The reason why Mark’s door to door sales success rate was low was due to an extremely weak cold calling foundation. His opening lines and sales pitch started with a lie, then asked an irrelevant question, then babbled on about stuff he had no idea whether the prospect might value, then asked multiple “qualifying” questions, then never stopped closing until the door was shut… or slammed. Very dumb.

Here are the sales script components used with Mark’s new door to door sales pitch

The revised pitch commanded attention right away with an opening line that aroused curiosity and stated a major benefit… which earned cause for pause. A door that was opened a crack stayed open.

Then stated a legitimate truthful reason for them to approach the home and knock on the door. Credibility.

The sales script pitch path then made reference to the popularity to the plan and three major reasons why people liked it. More credibility and a chance to hit a hot button. The door is opening a bit more.

Then some questions to find out what benefits the homeowner most valued.

Then a very clear statement of a powerful offer. The prospect understood it and could say yes or no, all while you conversed on the door step.

Step three. Go back and massage your opening line and each component of your sales pitch.

Once we had a sales script draft that made sense we went back and focused on each component to make sure it would work in a door to door sales prospecting environment. It might have been a sentence or just a phrase, making sure we had an effective open. We punched it up and made it more powerful.

Mark was beginning to understand strategically how a total sales script path worked and why the company provided travesty was only helpful in getting doors slammed in your face.

Step four. Go out and hear a lot of doors slam.

Mark wrote down the best sales pitch he could from start to finish. To be a top door to door salesman you must write down the best words you could use to accomplish your sales objective. Same as cold calling, but here you are door to door cold calling. Write down the best pitch you can using the most common scenarios you face in the door way. Then Mark went out and used his new sales script and revised his door to door sales techniques. After every call made and door slammed he made note of the questions, reactions, stall points, blow offs and objections he was hearing.

He then anticipated these responses and altered his opening lines and sales pitch path to head them off at the pass. It is better to avoid objections than have to overcome them.

Step five. Write it down. Revise it.

I insisted that he write down every variation of his door to door prospecting plan and what he was hearing from homeowners on every call. He then thought about each repetitive scenario and prepared for it.

The bottom line… from a door to door sales script success rate horror story (one close every other night) to 3+ a night within a few weeks… just by following a process and proven sales script structures.

He went from being a door to door salesman approaching homes with a feeling of doom similar to entering a haunted house, to being a door to door salesman approaching the house as if he owned the house.

I see a lot of people like Mark, very capable yet not working the right process or using the right sales techniques and strategies to get the results they should.

Mark told me the 2 biggest thing that made a difference for him to keep that door open and close more contracts was seeing the sales pitch script as distinct components that had to accomplish a specific objective in order for him to close a deal. He kept the pieces that were working and left the pieces that were not on the steps.

The 2nd key thing for him was understanding that it wasn’t what he did that mattered, but how the homeowners mind moved through the stages necessary to buy. When he started to realize that his words and sales techniques must move the prospect though certain stages in order to close deals, and understanding what stage they were in and how to move them from stage to stage, then he started to have some fun with door to door sales and improve his success rate and closing ratio.

Mark rose to walk among the very few that master door to door selling. If you are cold calling, an inside sales rep or need to improve a phone script, the scripting turn-around process is the same.

Mark was working very hard and earning little. He was just a few steps, a little knowledge, a little organization and a little focus away from an income explosion.

You may be able to engineer the same kind of door to door sales jump-start. Mark’s story is not unusual.







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