Sales strategy of top performers: Contrarian yet true.

What will you stop doing in 2024?

That is the most important decision you will make.

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Top performers make different strategic decisions than non-top-performers.

If you are not a top performer, yet determined to rise to the top in 2024, you must start by choosing a different path than most around you.

Copying the mediocre will not make you a top sales performer

You will not break free of mediocrity by following the path of other mediocre performers.

Those with the largest gains in incomes, productivity and results will start with this question.

What will I stop doing in 2024?

Everybody is “busy, busy, busy.” But busy doing what?

You cannot add better strategies, higher probability methods or the time it takes to build better sales messaging if there is not room in your day for such things.

If you have been working hard and making your best efforts over the last one or two years yet the result is 80%, 60%, or less, of where you want to be, that is maximum capacity of what you have been doing.

If your sales results are low, minor changes will not boost you to the top

If you are only reaching 60% of your sales goals, a 5% change in what you are doing will not make a dent.

If you or your team are capable of much more, you will not take a giant leap forward with half measures or hedging your bets.

Take a step outside of yourself. Be brutally realistic about what is and what is not, making a fair contribution to the results you seek. Stop doing each thing which is not moving you toward your goals. When in doubt about whether something is helping you, stop doing it.

If you need to boost your income by 30% in 2024, start by eliminating at least 30% of what you are doing currently. That creates the room to bring in higher probability behaviors and gives you a chance.

Build upon your sales strengths

Build upon your highest probability behaviors and stop doing everything else. Rip these practices out of your day.