Most Company Sales Scripts for Prospecting and Appointment Setting

If your company phone scripts are not generating qualified leads that convert into profitable accounts for your business, put the phone down right now.

Don’t let your team make another call, invest in more call hours or continue to generate “opportunities” that don’t show, don’t convert, don’t remember why you are there or thought you were only staying 10 minutes to drop off some materials… without learning how to structure script paths and what verbiage to use that will increase response and ROI with our ScriptAudit.

If your sales script paths are not getting you access to desired new accounts and your competitors top clients, a ScriptAudit will show you how to improve your script structures and paths to increase clarity as to what you do, your credibility, the benefits clients realize from working with you and why it is worthwhile for them to spend time with a member of your team in-person or via phone. You will learn verbiage and sales script structures specific to your competitive environment, your market and your strengths.

All of our clients start with a ScriptAudit, but you don’t necessarily need to hire us to write your phone scripts for you afterward, because we’ll give you everything you need to get going:

Pre-project consult – Before your audit, you’ll tell us everything we need to know to conduct our evaluation. Afterward, we’ll return the favor and backup the truck to unload all our advice to you. We’ll discuss call profiles, call process, before and after script structures, your “pile of words,” objection handling, voicemail and gatekeeper specifics. You will learn from the best in your space and benefit from 28 years experience in phone scripts and lead generation strategies. You will get our recommended “2 X 4 impact verbiage” for your sales scripts. We will discuss call strategy and anything you want.

Up to 6 common scenario script approaches fully developed– Getting the appointment, Identifying the decision-maker, objections, voicemails, gatekeepers, you pick.

Suspect call profile audit– This separates those that bring home the bacon from the wanna-be’s. How is your call prospecting invesment being allocated? No other factor has a greater impact on results. Are you prospecting into a solid vein of gold, a pile of garbage that contains a few nuggets of gold, or something in-between? Find out.

“2 X 4 Impact” words–When I was calling and racking up more than 2,000 C-Level appointments scheduled I used to pretend that the phone line was 3D and when a decision-maker answered I would hit them over the head with a 2 x 4. Not kidding. The only 2 x 4 I had were the words I chose to speak. Words with 2 x 4 impact on decision-makers. Get our recommendations for your situation.

3 ways to describe what you do– There is always more than one way to describe what you offer. You can be clear or connfusing. You can send signals that buyers will respond to or scare them away.

5 credibility statements– Make no mistake. You need to stop buyers dead in their tracks with your credibility. Why are you more worthwhile than a vendor they can select themselves with an online search? Well, you need to know how to tell them or you are toast. We’ll give you a minimum of 5 choices to choose from.

7 Benefit statements– Communicating your full value makes for more meetings with higher level executives. Is what your team is saying now sufficiently communicating your value? Are they saying stupid stuff because they don’t know better? Things like “we help companies just like yours,” “We want to learn more about your business to find out how we can help you” or heaven forbid “we can save you money.” Learn what we call bottom line benefits that buyers respond to.

3 “Set the Appointment” templates – Appointment Setting for business works best with structure, even if you vary that structure purposely sometimes. Use these templates to write your scripts, it’s what you need to start crafting more structured, engaging and “cause for pause” causing scripts.

Recommended “touches” – All the “touches” we whole-heartedly recommend for an integrated approach to B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

This audit allows you to skip over the trial and error, and error and error of figuring out what scripts might work to gain you access to top decision-makers. It gives you all of the research, verbiage, structures and next steps to hit the ground running. If you choose to with us, we can start right away. If you choose to craft your own script paths, it offers everything you need to do it right.

Order a ScriptAudit and take the first step toward communicating sufficient reason for buyers to spend time with you. What is the #1 reason why people don’t agree to meet with you? You don’t communicate enough reason for them to meet with you. That can end. Now.

Not Sure a ScriptAudit is the Right Step for Your Team?

Schedule a free consult with Scott Channell. He’ll walk you through the ScriptAudit process, listen to your current challenges, and discuss options can can generate more qualified opportunities that convert for your sales team. He wrote the book on the topic and smiled and dialed his to to schedule more than 2,000 C-Level appointments before he started to teaching others how to do it.