Crafting Your Sell The Meeting/Discovery Call Phone Scripts Workshop

In just six weeks craft all the sales scripts you need to sell a meeting/discovery call to top decision makers within companies that are clones of your best clients.

By the end of this workshop you will have full script paths developed that ooze credibility, value and differentiation that will enable high-value prospects that are going to write a check to you or a competitor (a competitor for sure if you are not there) to conclude you are worth some time.

Craft all your scripts with

Initial review and critique of your current scripting with Scott

Weekly self-paced video lessons (30-60 minutes total)

Weekly group AMA (ask me anything) sessions with Scott. Recorded and available on demand.

A step-by-step guidebook with samples, examples and exactly what to do steps as you
create drafts of your scripts.

1:1 coaching (recorded) with Scott to critique your scripts and answer any questions you have.
(typically spread out over 4-5 calls)

Course Outcomes:

With this course
you will:

Gather and write down your “pile of words,” proofs and ear candy

Craft your core identify the decision-maker, determine “worth” and pick up contact info, script path.

Craft one or a few versions of your core “Sell the Meeting” pitch for decision-makers

Craft your three core response to objection scripts

Craft your “qualified callback” script

Craft your voicemail script

Craft one or a few email touches

You will no longer lose opportunities due to words not said.

Many companies and reps could be communicating credibility, value and specifics. They are literally
sitting on hard earned verbiage that creates separation from competitors, yet not using it. With this course, this will not be you.

If you can’t sell the meeting, competitors get the new account as you never got to the table.

Details, dates & registration

Format and location: Online videos, live AMA (ask me anything) group sessions (recorded) and 1:1 coaching with
Scott (recorded at your request)

Dates: Your first video lesson with guidebook material can be accessed Wednesday January 5, 2022. An additional lesson will be released every week, one week prior to the live group AMA session. These recorded trainings can be viewed at your convenience and as many times as you wish.

Live interactive group AMA (ask me anything) sessions will be held on Wednesdays, Jan 12, 19, 26. Feb 2, 9, 16. 2022. 9 AM PT/12 PM ET. These will be 90 minutes long and recorded for viewing again at your convenience or if you can’t attend live. You can submit questions in writing to be answered or ask your questions live. Every question submitted in writing before the session will be answered during the live AMA or
by email after the session.

Script samples, examples and guide. You will receive a step by step guide with every lesson to
facilitate crafting your script drafts.

Initial script review and critique: Start by submiting your current script material to Scott for
an initial review and critique with suggested areas of focus. Scott will review what you submit and
return a video with his thoughts to you. There will also be a 1:1 session schedule to discuss this critique. 

1:1 Coaching: With program #1 you receive 2.5 hours of 1:1 coaching directly with Scott scheduled at mutually convenient times. (Usually 4-5 calls but timing and duration is totally up to you.)
Must be used by  February 26th or time expires. This 1:1 coaching time is in addition to the initial script review and critique call. 

Workshop size: Limited to 15 spots


Program #1

Described above with 2.5 hours of 1:1 coaching with Scott is $1,650

Program #2

Includes everything in program #1 with an additional 3.5 hours of 1:1 coaching with
Scott (a total of 6 hrs of 1:1 coaching time) which must be used by February 26th or the time expires.
Plus, three additional monthly 1:1 coaching sessions of unlimited length scheduled one each month
in March, April and May of 2022. Program #2 provides more personalized attention over a
longer period of time as you use your new scripts. $3,000.

Wish a coworker to join you? Add 50% to above.


Prior to the start of the second session you are dissatisfied for any reason
or less than 100% confident that this is for you, simply let us know.
You will receive a prompt courteous 100% refund – no questions asked.

Is This Right For You?

In general, this workshop is right for you if:

• Your sales process includes a discovery call, demo or in-person appointment.
• You are managing a team which needs to “sell more meetings.”
• You are an individual rep that can close a deal with a qualified prospect and need more meetings.
• The ROI on this training is such that as few as 5 – 15 meetings you otherwise would not have
had, pay for this multiple times over.
• You feel that you or your team are missing out on too many new accounts, that could be yours, if
you can get in the door.
• You want to feel confident that you are fully communicating your value and credibility to the right
people, and enough of them

The buyers are out there.

They will buy from someone else if you are not there.

In the hard earned mere moments where a great qualified prospect, a clone of your best accounts, is
pondering whether you are worth a meeting, you will say the things that enable that great future client to conclude that you are worth the time

Join us

First live interactive group session is January 12, 2022..
First video lesson with guidebook available January 5th.