Sean’s Cold Calling Gets Quick Close and Space Shuttle Tour

How Sean Turned a Cold Call Into A Cool Space Shuttle Tour and…
Closed a $220,000 deal in three weeks.

Read the Good, the Bad and the Uglier.

Read Sean’s reply when they said, “We have plans but they don’t include you.”

Sean told me these 4 things right after he told me about the $220,000 deal he closed from an appointment made from a cold call just 3 weeks earlier… and his getting inside the space shuttle.

1. But Scott, it felt so cheesy.
2. But Scott, how it began felt so scripted
3. But Scott, I felt like I was bothering them.
4. Scott they actually said to me “Yes we have plans, but they don’t include you.”

But, because Sean had read my book he had planned out the best responses to common recurring phone scenarios and was able to deliver a response best calculated to achieve his business result, which he did in spectacular fashion.

Lets quickly review what he did to prepare himself to get results. These things took 3 – 4 hours in total. He wrote a 30-second set the appointment pitch loaded with clarity as to what he offered, credibility statements and specific benefits ending with him asking for the meeting. He wrote 5 responses to common objections which stayed consistent with the credibility and value statements related in the initial 30 second pitch, which also were calculated to discover whether they were real or Memorex and whether he should invest anymore time with them. He wrote two emails consistent with the themes along with a 20-second voicemail with his name and number AT THE END of the voicemail.

Then he started calling. Lets deal with his very honest feelings of discomfort.

Scott, it felt so cheesy.”

Sorry Sean. What works works. Your feelings about it are irrelevant. Got a memo for you. If you felt totally comfortable with it in the beginning, you are using the wrong strategy. This is a structured unique process that in the beginning does not resemble normal conversation. That is why it works. It is different from all the comfortable stuff that gets you nowhere.

“Scott, it felt so scripted.”

Yup, nothing like being prepared when seconds count and there is a lot at stake. Scripting is just preparation. What are the best words I can use to convey value, credibility and benefits within seconds such that a high level person could justify spending more time with me, on the phone or in person?

Anyone that thinks they are going to consistently set appointments with top prospects by winging it or that their friendly witty personalities are going to carry the day are out of their minds. VALUE and CREDIBILITY is what breaks down doors and overcomes the awkwardness of the beginning of the calls. It is the structure and the format of the script which conveys your value and credibility so that if the person you are talking to has a need… let me repeat… if the person you are talking to has a need you can fulfill…. your value and credibility hits them between the eyes.

You have to prepare the best words to use and when you find something that works, you have to use it consistently.

“Scott, I felt like I was bothering them.”

Guess what? You were. They had never heard of you or your company and didn’t know what you did. Of course you were bothering them…. until you educated them about your value and benefits and were very precise and direct so they could get it. You have to speak as if someone has a need. If they have no need, you are bothering them. So what. If they have a need, you are bothering them until you educate them as to what you can do for them.

It is interesting to me that those who say, “I don’t want to annoy people” typically have terrible wasteful scripts that get no results and waste their time and the people they reach. People who use structured strategic scripts get results because they have made it easy for people to “get it.” Believe me, only non-buyers or buyers who can’t grasp your value get annoyed.

“Scott, they actually said to me, “We have plans, but they don’t include you.””

But, because Super Sean had prepared a response to this very similar to the “I’m all set” objection, he was able to turn it around, get the meeting, and a few weeks later the sale.

Here is what he said in a nutshell. Sean read that strategically when he heard people say “I’m all set” he had to find out what that means specifically. Are they all set for a week? A month? Forever? Find out the specifics.

So Sean laid this response on them, ” That’s fine. Are we not in your plans for now or forever, because companies like X, Y and Z that have looked at all the options chose us and there are very good reasons for that. If you are evaluating options, we would like to share with you specifics as to how companies have accomplished goal A, goal B and goal C. At the least you will be better informed and know you are making the best decision for your company. Would you have some time the week after next on the 26th or 27th?” BOOM!!!

He got the meeting.

By being prepared, using pre-thought out best words calculated to get his business result without wasting even a second, he repeated his credibility, value and benefit statements, told them what they would learn AT THAT MEETING THAT WAS VALUABLE, and did the most important thing…. asked for the meeting again.

Hail Sean. He got the meeting, got the sale and sent me a photo of himself in the space shuttle (his prospect had something to do with it.)