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A framework to conduct

Get immediate feedback on your current discovery call plan upon enrollment.

Groups of four or more.
Private sessions option available.

Do too many of your discovery calls lead to nothing?

Are you at a loss why too many great prospects don’t move deeper into your sales pipeline?

Are you being caspered too often and too early by prospects that would benefit from your offering?

This interactive virtual sell the 2nd meeting sprint will provide you a framework to conduct first sales conversations such that qualified prospects “get it,” conclude that you are worth more time and commit to a solid next step toward a close.

Four 75 Minute Virtual Sessions | May 23, 30. June 6, 13. 2024 | Thursays at 1:00 PM EST | All sessions recorded for replay | Certificate Awarded | Guarantee of satisfaction

Corporate group sessions of 4 or more scheduled at mutual convenience. Contact us.


Over the years, as my appointment setting clients increased the number of qualified meetings booked, many realized that too many great prospects would drop out of the sales process after a “great meeting.”

They were losing them at “Hello.” They asked me to help.

This course arises from those experiences. Just as there are do’s and don’ts of scripting to sell the meeting, there are do’s and don’ts of conducting those first conversations so that “great meetings” turn into solid next steps and the sale continue to advance.

You will interact live with Scott and your fellow students. If you can’t attend a live session, you will have 24/7 access to all replays and materials for six months.

You are encouraged to submit questions to Scott outside of the live sessions. 

You will receive guides, templates and materials that will assist you in outlining and executing your discovery call roadmap.


It costs a lot of money and time to book discovery calls.

Not being your best at this step costs you a lot more than money. It costs you opportunities you should have had, but that slipped away.

What is your closing ratio or those that take a 2nd meeting? Considering your average sale size and margin contribution, what would even a small improvement at this step add to your bottom line?

Improving your success in moving first sales conversations deeper into your pipeline will impact your sales volume and bottom line? 

That is what this course is about. Winning more close decisions and enabling more prospects balancing on the fence to fall in your direction.

These sessions will be led by Scott Channell. This course will provide a roadmap for you to solidify sales opportunities with prospects on a discovery call.


Lots of samples and examples.
You will learn:

A three-part framework.

  1. Your opening: It is here that you frame the discussion, set the agenda, orient to your strengths, relate credibility, and if you have any weaknesses – you get in front of them. You will always end with your first question.
  2. Your questioning strategy: Top producers prepare questions and follow-up questions. At this stage you extract specifics of their needs, wants and buying criteria with carefully selected and specifically crafted questions. You will review a long list of questions and select/modify those that will help you.
  3. Securing an acceptable next step: You must leave time to gain commitment and close on a mutually agreeable solid next step. You must master this step and steer prospects to the highest attainable next step and having them wanting to schedule it.

Would improvements in how you conduct your discovery calls
improve your closing ratio?

You will also learn:

  • Managing the clock. The clock is ticking on first sales conversations. You have certain foundation steps you must cover to move forward, and you need to have time at the end to secure the best solid next step.
  • How to extract more specifics that enable you to win at the end. Your questions and more importantly your follow-up questions, enable you to dig deep and extract the differences which make the difference at closing time.
  • How to showcase your strengths with specifics and examples.
  • How to minimize lingering doubts and potential weaknesses. You must get ahead of common causes of doubt about moving forward.
  • How to extract the small differences so that when push comes to shove at the end, you have the 2% difference to win.
  • How to increase doubt about lower-cost competition without directly knocking them.
  • Learn common causes of self-sabotage at this stage and how to avoid them.
  • Why warm leads vs cold leads require a different approach upfront to advance a sale.


Delivered online with access to a course portal that will contain all materials, recorded live sessions and supplemental lessons. You can ask questions in the portal to be answered in the live sessions or by Scott directly. You can work through the steps on your own schedule. You have access to everything for six months from the course ending.


Upon completion you will receive a course certificate.


We want you to be 100% certain that this sales script sprint is for you. If by the end of the first live session you are dissatisfied for any reason or less than 100% confident that this is for you, simply let us know. You will receive a prompt courteous 100% refund – no questions asked.


At the end of these sessions, we want you to have all the tools and information you need to conduct first sales conversations so that more prospects get your value and enthusiastically book the 2nd meeting with you on the way to a close.

Be fully prepared to “Sell the 2nd Meeting” with a proper roadmap.

Even small improvements at this stage have major impact on your bottom line.


$567. Immediate feedback on your current process upon enrollment.