Set more discovery calls: 3 rules [2 min 50 sec view time w/transcript]

Hey everyone, this is Scott channel author of Sell the Meeting, Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting and Finding Ideal Clients. Today, let’s review three rules to set more discovery calls.

One. Seek to activate, not implant .
Two. What your prospects think you can do for them matters. What you know about them does not.
Three. Without credibility, nothing you say matters. Nothing.

Rule number one. Seek to activate, not implant.

You are not trying to convince anybody of anything. Work a process by which you bump into those that recognize the need for what you offer on some level. They are called buyers.

Seek to activate that recognized need to a next step, a meeting. To book more appointments, seek to activate what already exists.

In appointment setting land, trying to [00:01:00] implant something that does not exist is a very low probability behavior.

Rule number two. Don’t get me going on this one. What your prospects think you can do for them is what matters. What you know about them does not.

I am in the minority here, but I know I’m right.

You should know a lot about the needs and desires of any group you choose to prospect. But wasting time researching individual companies before you reach out is a fool’s errand. I booked more than 2000 sales appointments and never once researched an individual company. Never once.

Focus on relating things that would signal to future buyers. Hey, they might help me improve my situation. This is what will get you more meetings. Then you learn about the company .

Your need to research companies before you [00:02:00] prospect is resistance, winning. Erecting a barrier to reaching out to qualified prospects and saying the things that enable them to conclude that you just may be the one to help them.

That should be your sole focus. Nothing else.

Third rule. If you’re not perceived as credible, nothing you say matters.

Biggest mistake I see in sales scripts? No credibility statement. No proofs, no specifics, no numbers about clients served, results achieved, volume, what side of the street they are on, nothing. If prospects don’t perceive you as credible. Nothing you say matters.

So these are just three rules that will help you book more discovery calls.

For more rules and tips. Check out the books, or my website, Scott That’s Scott Channell with two T’s, two N’s and two L’s dot com. Good luck.