Half day equivalent

If you’re looking to get new reps productive asap or you would like to give your veteran team a stimulus of strategies and specific steps that can immediately implemented, this simple and affordable live customized training program might be the perfect solution for you.

Many smaller teams and divisions have found this to be an effective way to get their team to improve their day to day processes and punch up their value and credibility communication during prospecting calls and prospect interactions very quickly and without breaking their budget.

1/2 day. Delivered onsite or 4 remote sessions of 60-75 minutes.

3 sessionsof follow-up implementation coaching.

Copy of “Sell the Meeting” book for all. 

Copy of “Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting” book for all.

1-year access to online master course for all. $349 value

Unlimited access to Scott Channell for one designated leader to facilitate implementation.

8  week program

This program emphasizes implementation and improving behaviors. Emphasizes execution, follow-up and accountability.

For first 3 participants


Travel and accomodations are additional for onsite programs.

for each additional participant