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"Sell The Meeting" Book Description Table of Contents

Do you or your sales team need to schedule a discovery call, sales appointment or demo to advance your sales process with a clone of your very best clients and accounts?

Sell a meeting, and you have a chance to sell a new account.
No meeting? No chance to close a new account.

This guide is about two things.

  1. How to earn attention and interactions with top decision makers within accounts that are clones of your best accounts.
  2. When you earn that often momentary attention, communicating something substantial, credible and different enough to enable someone who is going to write a big check to conclude you are worth more of their time.

That’s it.

Work a system that allows you to pitch a top dog.
Then don’t screw it up when you do.
Have something worthwhile to say.

Although a mystery to many, this sales prospecting and lead generation process is not rocket science, do a few key things right, avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that doom your efforts and the efforts of your team to sure disaster, and you are half way to success before you even made a call or sent an email.

THE BUYERS ARE OUT THERE. There are many qualified buyers actively looking for options that will write a check to somebody. They can’t write it to you or your company if they don’t hear from you or if they do, they are unable to determine that you are worth some of their time. If you drool over the phone, are unclear, assume too much, you lose out on qualified opportunities.

YOU MIGHT BE A BUYERS BEST OPTION, BUT if you don’t get their attention or communicate the things they must hear to conclude that you are worth some of their valuable time, you lose out on that opportunity. You were not able to sell the meeting.

SALES SCRIPTS AND MESSAGING: Many companies are sitting on great things to say and not saying those things. Learn about how to create a “pile of words” so that crafting impactful phone scripts, voicemails, Emails and more flow easily.

DON’T LET QUALIFIED BUYERS LUMP YOU IN WITH ALL THE KNUCKLEHEADS AND IDIOTS THAT CONTACT THEM AND WASTE THEIR TIME. Say the words that enable them to conclude that you are superior, different and worth meeting with.

Your guide to clarity on how to book more first sales conversations, Scott Channell, learned in the trenches, sitting in a cube, dialing the phone and experiencing the monotony, frustration, and euphoria of high-level sales prospecting. Before he started coaching sales teams, he smiled and dialed his way to booking more than 2,000 face-to-face sales appointments with C-Level executives in diverse industries. His paycheck used to depend upon setting appointments that ended up closing in both B2B and B2C markets — still training teams and coaching reps on these strategies 25 years later. He has seen what works in many environments and adapted to those changes over time.

Table Of Contents

Part One
Before You Even Think Of Calling

  1. Introduction: No First Meeting, No Close
  2. Why Do This?
  3. 31 Key Drivers

Part Two
Setting Up Your System

  1. Six-Core Concepts
  2. Know Your Goals
  3. Selecting Your Targets
  4. CRM/Contact Manager Setup
  5. Call Process
  6. Your “Pile of Words”

Part Three
Messaging And Phone Script Paths

  1. Crafting Your Scripts
  2. Your “Identify the Decision-maker” Script
  3. Your “Set The Meeting” Script
  4. Your Voicemail Scripts
  5. Sample Email Touches
  6. Objection Response Concepts
  7. Objection Responses

Part Four
A Day In The Life Of An Appointment Setter

  1. Intro: Managing Your Day
  2. Your Launches: Part One Of Your Day
  3. Your Follow-Ups: Part Two Of Your Day
  4. Spending More Time With Those Worthy: Part Three Of Your Day
  5. Calling A Suspect: From First Call To Last

Part Five
Beyond The Call

  1. What If It Is Not Working
  2. How To Find A Good Appointment Setter
  3. Compensation and Incentive Systems
  4. Management and Marketing Integration
  5. Random Thoughts And Meanderings

Insights hit me like a soft surprise snowball in the face

“Scott’s insights hit me like a soft surprise snowball in the face. His perspectives changed my views on sales prospecting and lead generation. From the impact of credibility to helping prospects open-up about their needs, to who should even be on your radar in the first place – no one has impacted my professional career more. If you’ve been struggling with sales prospecting these strategies will put you on a successful path.”

Richard Slater
Marketing Director


It’s like a double shot latte

If you sell B2B…and want to deploy a sales process that produces real results and real income…you need to read Scott Channell’s latest and greatest book. I’ve read literally hundreds of “sales” books over the years and Channell is the only one who has actually practiced what he preaches (writes)! Using Scott’s processes I have built a very successful direct mail marketing business. We all get sales burn out occasionally, so when that happens I go back to the well and re-read Scott’s books…it’s like a double shot latte.

Frank Furgiuele
Chief Revenue Officer, SOS Direct Marketing


I steadily rose to within the top 10 producers of an over 250 member global salesforce

“A few years ago, I switched from an operations role to a role that required marketing and sales. I found the plentiful advice from well-meaning friends and colleagues to be of little help towards creating the sales process I needed to find desirable prospects and convert them to customers. Luckily, I came upon the strategies and techniques taught by Scott Channell. Using his methods, I steadily rose to within the top 10 producers of an over 250 member global salesforce.

Scott has consolidated his teachings into his new book, “Sell the Meeting – Set Discovery Calls & Sales Appointments To Close New Accounts”. It’s a powerful, but easy book to read. If you’re involved in selling and desire stronger outcomes, Scott’s book is filled with multiple examples demonstrating the right and wrong way to apply your craft.

Wm. David Levesque
President, Lean Performance Development, Inc. “


Eager salespeople will quickly value the step-by-step framework

The Master of Scripts, Scott Channell does it again!  In, “Sell The Meeting,” Channell loans salespeople of all walks, decades of successful and proven techniques for pinning down meetings and securing appointments with ideal clients.  Eager salespeople will quickly value the step-by-step framework that Channell lays out clearly; from what to say, to how to say it; and even how often and by what means.  A “must-have” for any Sales VP to invest in for their sales forces!

Jake Wegner
Regional Vice President of Sales

What People Say

We had set 3022 meetings, 85% of which were with C-level decision-makers

“Our CEO announced a goal to become a national player in the managed service space within banking, healthcare, and manufacturing. We had a great solution set and best-of-breed engineers who could deliver. Like many companies, however, we hadn’t yet cracked the code on how to get our consultants in front of enough decision-makers. I was the inside sales manager of a newly hired team and had no idea how to obtain these meetings. Fortunately, I read Scott’s first book, “Setting Sales Appointments” and in December 2009 started religiously leveraging the system outlined in those pages. By September 2013 we had set 3022 meetings, 85% of which were with C-level decision-makers. We also saw less than a 13% cancellation rate. AMAZING! Those stellar results and the substantial business that followed happened because we stayed true to the process, made adjustments along the way, and a lot of hard work. This process helped us overcome hurdles such as efficiently identifying decision-makers, getting past gatekeepers, and turning “Call me back” responses into meetings. With this book, you will avoid some very costly mistakes. It is an expansion and update of the strategies that worked so well for us. I highly recommend this book to anyone engaged in a high-ticket complex multi-step sales process. No matter how good you are, you are not going to make a sale if you can’t sell the first meeting.

Morgan Chapman”


Inside sales has always been the thorn in the side of our business…until we worked with Scott Channell! Scott’s book and his consulting advice allowed us to create a system that works! Now we have a top notch A+ inside sales division of our company, and that has helped us grow at +20% in an industry that is flat. Scott’s system WORKS!

As an added benefit, we have found that it is easier to attract and keep inside salespeople when they are working in a proven system. Good people know this.

If you want to dramatically outgrow the competition, read the book and implement the Scott Channell program. It’ll be the best investment you have ever made for your business.

Dominic Gentile


Instrumental in building my career

“Scott Channell’s sales strategies have been instrumental in building my career. His no-nonsense approach to script writing and making the most of every touch has been duplicable and easy to train. While working with my sales team we noticed closing rates increase an average of 16 – 34%. Those who applied Scott’s approach were making appointments and closing sales. Scott knocks it out of the park with this book. He is masterful in handling questions and getting the appointment. You can feel the authenticity of Scott and the sincerity in his words, It’s obvious that Scott has done this work. My team and I have tested his techniques and they work!!
Of all the sales books I have read, this is the best!

Evie DiPiazza, VP Business Development, Lantz Technologies Group
Former VP Business Development, iPEC Coaching”


The combat of business

“I hadn’t been this scared since I was in a foxhole watching machine guns shoot at enemy aircraft. No, I wasn’t in combat. At least not the death-and-destruction kind.
This was the combat of business. And my enemy was the telephone. Anyone not trying to sell you on the latest social media scam will tell you that the telephone is the single greatest weapon in the War of Business. And anyone who’s said “will that be Visa, Master Card, or AMEX” on the phone knows the fear that can get the best of the strongest of people. For me, staring at that phone was like staring down the business end of an AK-47. I could either fight through or get some help. I’m no dummy – so I got help.
I bought Scott’s stuff, trained my people, and got to ring the register in less time than I could have ever done on my own. Look, it’s not complicated. Forget all the fancy stuff. It’s just math! Do the math. You’ll see that the telephone beats any social media, digital wizardry BS all day (and twice on Sunday). Whether you’re getting on the phone or your team is getting on the phone, get this book.

Maceo Jourdan


Scott taught me his “3 Cycles of 3” call process and the importance of “ear candy”

“Using the strategies in this book, I learned the importance of a script to deliver my message like a crystal clear radio advertisement—no more rambling or being caught off guard by objections. Instead of getting bogged down and demoralized by “being persistent,“ I learned about “diminishing returns.” Scott taught me his “3 Cycles of 3” call process and the importance of “ear candy” to showcase my offering. Prospects are bombarded with sales calls making it easy for ours to get lost in the shuffle. Dusting yourself off and getting back on the phone is a fraction of what is required to succeed; leveraging Scott’s insights from booking meetings with more than 2,000 C-Suite Executives is the balance. It is the X Factor that will propel you to stand out and shine.”

Sean Fiset
Vice President
Commercial Real Estate Industry


Technology may change, but his proven philosophy has not

“Scott Channell’s strategies and methods are time-tested and extremely effective. Technology may change, but his proven philosophy has not. He has helped me build a plan over the years to increase engagement and sales, while developing a daily prospecting strategy to stay focused.”

Sean Fitzgerald
Liaison International


An essential for the salesperson in today’s market, no matter what you sell

“I am happy to write this, my third recommendation for Scott’s effective and motivating books. All salespeople go through downturns in their business, and all suffer from the negativity that is brought to the table, sometimes by the very person we are selling to. Scott teaches how to overcome those stages, and prosper. The hard copy can be marked and used over and over again. All said this is the one book that I would consider an essential for the salesperson in today’s market, no matter what you sell.

Stephan Schiffman
Author Of 53 Books On Selling & Sales Techniques”


Grown from three hundred customers to over nine hundred.

“I would highly recommend your methodology to any company that has an inside sales function. Before adopting your processes and training materials nine years ago our inside sales function felt like they were trapped in the endless cycle of trying to find that needle in the haystack. Lots of frustration. We now have a consistent process to continuously identify high value leads (the customers that we really want) and a trackable touch system that is effective in persuading potential customers to give us a face to face meeting. The results speak for themselves. We have grown from three hundred customers to over nine hundred.”

David T. Burns
President of Sales


Directly contributed to the 5X growth of our organization

Our company has used a combination of Scott’s materials and in-person consulting to grow and develop our prospecting programs. Scott has provided systems, materials and coaching that we have implemented and stood by for many years, and have directly contributed to the 5X growth of our organization. Qualified appointments with potential buyers are the lifeblood of our company, and Scott’s methods have had a substantial contribution to the steady growth of our opportunity pipeline. We would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for guidance on how to generate first meetings with solid prospects.

Matthew Warrilow
Director of Sales & Marketing


Our appointments skyrocketed, and it helped lead us to national recognition within our organization.

After years 10+ years of business to business sales and sales management, I knew something had to change. I was living the definition of insanity with my appointment setting team.  I got tired of beating my head against the wall and decided to think outside of the box for a solution, not just another bandaid! I hit the internet one night and found Scott Channell. I was peaked with curiosity as I read the Amazon description of his first book “Setting Sales Appointments,” so I ordered it thinking I had nothing to lose.

Much to my delight upon reading the book, I found myself intrigued by Scott’s No Nonsense No BS approach and although I initially disagreed with some of his methods, I was forced to look in the mirror and say, What do I have to lose?”!

I used Scott’s formulas and examples to sculpt killer custom crafted scripts just for my team, utilizing my companies strengths and differentiators.

CONFESSIONS OF A SOUTHERN GIRL: I was convinced that “sales are different in the south,” so I was a little (or a LOT) skeptical about a few of Scott’s ideas, but I’m now a believer! I had to be willing to humble myself a little to either prove myself right or wrong and let me say … I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Feeling right doesn’t pay the bills; success does!

By consistently applying Scott’s methods and dedicating myself to rebuilding my inside sales/ appointment setting program around this system, our appointments skyrocketed, and it helped lead us to national recognition within our organization.

This book “Sell The Meeting” is an updated and expanded version of his first book which helped my team so much. I highly recommend it.

Sundae Sisco Johnson
VP Sales