Suspect surfing: Are automations limiting your sales?

Do you have thousands of tasks overdue in your CRM?
Do you have thousands or tens of thousands of records in your database and tons of activity flying everywhere but little to show for it.

If so, see your doctor and get checked for automationitis.
You may be blindly working to workflows and automations and stopped thinking about achieving the result you seek.

You should be in control of the levers of your sales process.
You should be working a standardized process that has proven to spit out qualified opportunities consistently.

That process will include the flexibility to do more, do less, ID the disqualified, flag the more worthy, go deeper and think about the best way to achieve your goals.

As you work a proven process, you should automate what you can to do more and minimize the tedium, monotony and boredom of effective sales prospecting.

But more and more I am seeing what I call SUSPECT SURFING. This is when teams have large lists that have not been properly profiled, qualified or segmented by potential value or probability of success, with workflows stacked upon automations with automated dialers that call multiple numbers at the same time and sales leadership that demands insane activity levels for dials, emails sent and more.

What these highly automated suspect surfing systems often lack is thinking and results.

When you suspect surf, you are chasing randomness and serendipity. You are skimming just the tip of the cream off the top. It’s a broken clock selling mentality, just because it is right twice a day doesn’t mean it is working, just make more calls and send more emails.

My biggest problem with automations is that BDRs stop thinking about how to achieve results, and just work to the automations. That costs companies a lot of opportunities.

You should automate and make your sales process as efficient as possible.
You should not stop thinking about how best to sell more meetings.
More activity does not equate to more results.







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