Sales objectives vs strategy vs tactics: The differences matter

What is your sales team’s objective? Strategy? Tactics? Do you know the difference between the three and does it matter? Yes, because without clear objectives and the right strategy, sales leaders focus on tactics. When that happens, you lose focus. You do not get the results or the accounts that should have been yours.Opportunities slip […]

B2B Appointment setting: qualified sales leads metrics to set your expectations

Table of Contents What are reasonable expectations and some basic rules of thumb for a B2B appointment setting campaign? Whether you are the appointment setter or the manager of a b2b sales team, particularly an inside sales team, you need to have reasonable expectations. Your numbers must make sense, otherwise your lead nurturing efforts will generate […]

50 Shades of “Not Interested.” A Sales Rebuttal Objection Strategy.

Funny story. Newbie in training relates a call in which the decision-maker replied, “not interested.” Get this. The newbie thought that meant they were “not interested.” Hilarious. Newbie reps, they are so innocent. When your prospect says, “not interested.” The least likely reality of this blow off is that your decision-maker is actually “not interested.” […]

Crafting cold call sales scripts: The first three and 30 seconds.

Fact. People think 10X faster than you can talk. That means while you are yapping, they have time to think, ponder, evaluate, doubt, disagree, and form judgments about what you are saying. If you give them things to think about or doubt, guess what? Their minds will be thinking or doubting and not focusing on […]