Top 13 traits of top sales producers

Top 13 traits of top sales producers

  1. They plan questions rather than presentations.
  2. They play a longer game, prioritize larger strategic sales rather than quick hits.
  3. They get to business quickly and spend little time on small talk.
  4. They ask questions with impact related to the result sought, rather than unfocused time-stealing questions.
  5. They resist the urge to describe solutions too early. They wait until they have the total picture.
  6. They do not describe capabilities unless it relates to something the prospect has mentioned.
  7. They prepare and practice for common scenarios, constantly improving. The rest perpetuate weaknesses.
  8. Top producers are more resilient. When faced with objections or obstacles, they adapt and recover. The rest tend to muddle through and retreat.
  9. They embrace “no.” Lower producers try to avoid no.
  10. Top producers self-manage themselves to succeed. They are self-motivated and confident enough to do things differently than their average and below average colleagues.
  11. They sort and prioritize prospects by potential worth and probability of success and use different strategies for each segment.
  12. They have more confidence and will do things differently from the rest. That is why they are top producers. Lower producing reps are not confident in their approach and their hesitations and doubts are apparent.
  13. They can generate qualified opportunities deeper into the prospect pool. They generate opportunities beyond the layups.

These traits combine to make salespeople more effective. With commitment and practice, anyone can learn them.