Value Selling: How to Close the Sale vs Lower-Price (not lower-cost) Rivals

– If you sell on price, for any reason, you are circling the drain.
– If you have value, value is worth a premium price.
– Many choose to pay higher prices right now because it is in their interests to do so.
– Many do not want to pay the higher costs of lower prices. Help them understand.

Segment 1: We explore why selling on price is a death spiral. It is where the less skilled and unprepared play. In this segment you get Rule #1 for selling value against lower priced bottom dwellers. Why you are acting at all times in your accounts best interests by enabling them to see how lower prices cost them more.

Segment 2: A question you may not dare to ask your prospects, but you should. The price you pay by discounting.  It is in your prospect’s best interests to pay your higher fair price.

Segment 3: Redefine the value you provide. The best position to communicate value and close a sale.

Segment 4: Don’t focus on _____ . Your personal selling system.

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Segment 5: Those who sell value, true merit and total utility against the price slashers have a plan.

Segment 6: Expanding the scope of your conversation. Play “which means what?”

Segment 7: Your pricing structure must have integrity.

Segment 8: Trade, don’t drop the price. Your leverage points.

Segment 9: Delivery devices for the cause.

Segment 10: You have to believe in something.

If you want coaching on value selling or wish to train your team
Or, just call. 978-296-2700.