Voicemail: Model sample, structure tips and fun fact

[Video] 3 minute listen with transcript.

Hi, this is Scott Channell author of Sell the Meeting and its brand new companion book Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting with a brief message about doing voicemails right, as part of your set more discovery calls sell the meeting process. 

We’ll cover a fun fact, how to structure a voicemail, then review a model message.

The fun fact is that voicemails are never, hardly ever, listened to but an important part of your set more discovery calls process. Why? Because voicemails are a touch.
Basic marketing 101 says that a message delivered consistently and in different ways has a much greater chance of being acted upon. A decision maker will probably not listen, but they will probably glance at a transcript, on their smart phones. The first words out of your mouth are what will show up in the first 2 or 3 lines of a smartphone. Whether they are reading or listening, what you say first must grab buyers, or goodbye.

How do you structure a voicemail?

First start with an interruptive statement. Not your name or your company name, that you’ll be brief or other wasted words, but an interruptive statement that immediately signals to active buyers that you might help them.

When you hear the beep, you will start with something such as:
– Lois, if you wish to improve X…
– Don, do environmental contamination issues ever cross your desk…
– Jane, if you are open to new copper gizmo production options…

Then, you must add a credibility statement, you must, it could be name drops or the number of clients you have or the volume you handle, but there is no value to perceived without credibility.

Then you drop a few benefits.

And last but not least, leave your name, company name and phone number at the end. Words that mean something to buyers go first.

Let’s review a little sample. Let’s assume we are reaching out to Lois Price Exec VP of employee comfort.

Beep, Lois, it your corporate bathroom design doesn’t display success or maximize productivity, more than 1500 businesses selected us build bathrooms that look great and are budget validated. If there is bathroom rebuild in your future would be happy to provide a checklist of issues and model roadmap to follow. This is Skip Dover at privy pros 978-123-4567 skip 978-123-4567 click

So there you have it. A fun fact, some tips on structuring your voicemail and a sample.

Hope this helped, check out the Sell the Meeting books. Good Luck







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