Selecting The Best Cold Calling List
For B2B Appointment Setting / Discovery Calls

Your call program might be doomed to fail before you even make the first call. Many are.

It has always bewildered me as to why callers, call teams and call centers will spend significant time and resources calling for little results… yet refuse to spend about two hours

of time making sure they are calling those most likely to buy, before they start calling those less likely to buy.

Activity is valued more than quality. Not good.

This Audio is a primer on selecting your best cold calling list.

When you refuse to decide whom “NOT to call,” and call a pool of targets multitudes larger than you can handle, your pool is filled mostly with the not qualified and the never-going-to-buys.

A two hour investment of time can focus your efforts on those most likely to agree to your offer. Call them first. Call the rest later – much later.

Every single client, sales team and call center I have worked with has had an AH HA moment when this has been done. This is basic marketing 100 1/2.

When called in to diagnose and get sick call programs healthy it is very common to find that 70%, 80%, 90% of calls (I’m not kidding) are going to low and no-probability targets. The sick part??? There are usually enough high-probability prospects easily identified to keep callers busy for six months or more.

Those high-probability buyers are waiting for a call that never comes because you or your call team is wading through garbage looking for a few nuggets of gold. Why not jack hammer through a vein of gold?

Two hours of effort, done once, can solve that problem.

This is one of the many stupid simple things you can do to make your call process much more effective.