Just Want a Sales Script?… Two Hours That Makes All the Difference.

Let me share a “script preparation” tip that is key to words that work.

A simple thing that most people won’t do and it costs them big time.

Your word selection is important, but a “good script” that works, is not just a matter of magic words on paper. Those words have to relate to your specific situation, your strengths, your credibility and the specific benefits you deliver.

So how to get there?

Here is something I do with clients that works really well.

1st, make a list of your 5 most recent new accounts. Then, make a list of the top 5 accounts you have that you would most like to clone.

We then take each of those clients and talk about the specifics. Why did they come to you? What did they say? What was their situation? How did they describe it? What were their concerns? What did you do? What was the result? What did they like about it? Yada, yada, yada.

Basically what I do as to each of the clients listed is to lob softball questions, listen and take notes.

In this case, as we were nearing the end of that conversation discussing those 10 examples he said “But Scott, I really just wanted a good script from you so I can get calling.” The client expressed he was feeling some anxiety about getting started, which is very common. But you shouldn’t “get started” until you have done it right. Plenty of people just grab a script and work their tails off and get little to show for it.

Just one or two hours max makes the difference.

In this case the client took a stab at a draft and it was pretty good, but was missing punch, specific benefits and a statement that communicated just how credible a professional this person is.

So what I did was go back over the notes taken during our discussions and was able to pull out 18 different statements, examples, phrases, issues, benefits and specifics that would be powerful in a script.

We are looking for ear candy.

In this case we punched up the script substantially to include words that communicated value, credibility and benefits and guess what? They were from actual instances this company had dealt with, so they didn’t sound canned, ordinary or uncomfortable.

There is a process to selecting the best words to use to accomplish your business objective.

It takes just an hour or two and greatly increases the conversion rate of your discussions.

Make that list of clients; think through why they came to you, what you did for them and the bottom line result. Then use those specifics to punch up your scripts.