Dear Scott: Is It a Waste of Time to Try to Set Appointments Between Christmas and New Years?

Dear Scott,

I hope your doing well. Quick question—Do You find that calling between Christmas and New Years is a waste of time??


Dear Ed, thanks for the timely question. Yes. Big time.

In fact, my belief is that the period starting about a week before Christmas right up until you get back to work in the New Year, is pretty much death valley when it comes to appointment setting. It was the only time during the year I felt it was a waste of time to call. All other times, just call.

Now, that does not mean that you can’t do some very valuable things during that time period.

In fact, to take full advantage of the New Year and everyone’s new found determination to change this, fix that, improve this other thing, find a new vendor to do X, you want to make as many calls as possible. Calls direct to the ultimate decision-makers.

My advice to you is that you use this time period to do the preliminary work and make the preliminary calls on a very select high probability group. Take the time to select your call group carefully. Make the preliminary calls during this period. ID or confirm decision makers. Get direct dial numbers and email address. Stack em high. Get ready to rock.

You want the preliminary work done on enough accounts to last the first three weeks or so of the New Year. If you get the preliminary work done you should be able to reach 2 or 3 times the decision makers you do normally.

The fact you are reaching them at a time when they are more likely to take action also helps.

Go get em Ed, thanks for the timely question.








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