Your "Sales Scripts" Mindset.

To be successful using the phone as one part of an overall effective prospecting process you have to have the proper mindset before you even try to prepare what you will say.

I was reminded of this a few days ago when a coaching client related that he was the only one in his office that had much success at all using the phone to generate opportunities. He works in a high level IT environment selling to large companies. His fellow reps generated 90% of their opportunities using technique X. Half of his opportunities came from the phone, half from technique X. He is cranking as he has an additional tool to work with.

You, like this client, must have the proper mindset before you try to punch up your scripts. If you don't, your scripts will stink and you will get frustrated.

In this audio you will learn eight components of the proper scripting mindset.

With them, you can get results.
Without them, you are doomed.