What Super-successful Outside Sales Pros See That the Over-worked Under-paid Have Yet to Grasp.

The ability to sell and earn a high income is more than appointments, scripts, closes and effective responses to objections.

Top producers see this element clearly and it guides their success. The rest?… keep running in the hamster wheel.

Two recent conversations illustrate the difference. Let me share them.

1. Recently completed a group tele-coaching program with a corporate sales team. What did the most successful salesperson in the group want to improve? I quote. “Scott, I want to tighten my whole process.”

2. Yesterday, a call center owner called me who had used the strategies related in my book and Seminar-In-A-Box to create a successful appointment setting program in three very different industries. He limits himself to three clients in each industry in each major city he serves and is expanding to serve eight cities.

What did he tell me? “Scott, I am overly analytic and am sending you charts, graphs and data to illustrate what is happening at each step of our calls. Please review the data and help make us better at each step.”

Top producers think differently than those in the hamster wheel. Those in the wheel are working hard and trying with all their might, but don’t yet see that their actions will get them nowhere.

Top producers clearly see all the steps involved in achieving their sales goals. They know what the steps are and how they relate to the other steps and achieving sales success.

Those in the hamster wheel focus too much, much too much, on component parts of sales success. Things like scripts and responses to objections, but don’t see how these things fit into the big picture of sale success.

It is a mindset. Top producers can see first all the steps involved in achieving their goals and focus on improving at each step and how they all work together for better results.

Hamsters in the wheel don’t see this big picture, miss many opportunities they should be benefiting from, and work way too hard for the results they get.

REALITY CHECK: If you are capable, working hard and trying, yet haven’t moved for years, you need to change your mindset. Your excuse might be lack of time, money or that the race of meeting monthly quotas doesn’t allow you to focus on anything other than short-term objectives.

Believe that if you wish, but understand that you will never get out of the hamster wheel, and… those aren’t the real reasons you don’t earn what you deserve.

Best wishes for sales success,
Scott Channell