Why “good scripts” won’t save you

Transcript of video. Lightly edited.

Hello everyone. This is Scott Channell author of Sell the Meeting all about setting discovery calls from a to Z, and a new book only out about a month Powerful Sales Scripts Sell the Meeting, which is an update and expansion of the script tips found in the Sell The Meeting book.

So I have a bulletin today for all B2B lead generators and discovery call setters that are working hard, but getting very little results, thinking, oh, if only if I had a good script. A good script would make all the difference in the world.

I have some news for you. Good scripts will not save you. They will not save you.

And why not? Those that consistently generate qualified discovery calls are working a system. Scripting or sales messaging is only part of that system. And here’s a cold, hard fact. You can have the best phone script, a super voicemail script. Great email touches. First rate messages you send out using Ravens and LinkedIn, and it won’t matter if your overall system is poor.

Use this formula.
50% of your discovery call success will come from focusing on the right targets.
20%. Is going to come from your process of interaction.
20% and it’s going to come from your messaging.
10% from everything else.

Take this to the bank. If you’re reaching out to a bulls-eye list, companies that look like your current good clients, you can be average at everything else and you can still make money.

But if you’re calling a lousy list, the phone book or heaven forbid, picking contacts off the internet. It doesn’t matter how good your process of interaction is or how good your messaging is. The odds are all stacked against you. And you will fail.

Good scripts will only help you if you’re calling the right group of targets.
Those likely to have problems right now that you can solve.

Not only must you select the best group. But you must get their attention. You have to work the right process, the right number of touches at the right time to get their momentary attention. And when you do get that momentary attention, then your great sales scripts will earn you what I call cause for pause and a chance to sell a meeting.

Sell a meeting, you have a chance to check.
No meeting no chance.

Work a total system get consistent results.
Good luck.