Winning sales scripts – Top 10 core drivers

You can’t craft great scripts unless you adopt some core principles about what makes a successful script.

Here are 10 core drivers of script success.

1. People don’t trust you.
Communicate credibility. Don’t hype or exaggerate anything. Be straight forward and factual.

2. Words you choose must be more powerful than gravity.
Economic buyers get lots of contact from people who waste their time and are ill prepared. There is a predisposition to reject you unless your words are specific and impactful enough to restrain their disposition to reject you.

3. You must communicate an “Exchange of value.”
Their time for your experience, expertise and information which is delivered at the meeting. If what you offer is perceived as more valuable than their time, you get a meeting.

4. What you are comfortable with does not matter.
Sorry to burst this bubble, but what you are comfortable saying is irrelevant to buyers. You must say the things buyers need to hear to move forward with you. Your personal comfort with the words is irrelevant.

5. Write scripts that appeal to buyers, forget the rest.
Stay 100% focused on saying what those that recognize needs need to hear. Assume everyone you speak to is a buyer until you know otherwise. Do not water down your verbiage to have more comfortable conversations with non-buyers.

6. You are interrupting them. Get over it.
When you conduct outreach, you have decided that interrupting busy people is worth it. Make that interruption worthwhile. You show respect for those you are interrupting when you are prepared, concise and to the point. Say what you need to say, then let them respond yes or no. Next.

7. Eliminate the boring parts
Delete the parts of your script that are harder to grasp, too general to be meaningful or irrelevant to buyers. What you think is important does not matter.

8. They must perceive you as a better option than what a Google search would find
People who are going to write a big check to a competitor, or maybe you, if you don’t screw it up, have options. If you seem typical or they have doubts about your potential value, why should they waste their time? They won’t. They must perceive you as “top tier” and a better option than what they might find on their own.

9. Scripts are just preparation
I don’t understand how people can march into an environment where failure is the norm, where seconds count and every word matters, and not be prepared. Scripts are just preparation so that the best words get used. Delivery of those words is a totally separate issue.

10. The buyers are out there. You are doing them a favor by reaching out.
There are companies right now that have problems to solve or situations to improve that are writing checks to your competitors. It might be you if you are visible and perceived to be a viable option. If you are a superior, top shelf, dependable option, you do buyers a favor by contacting them. It is normal and natural for you to do so.. It would be normal and natural for them to agree to meet.