Why You Need to Write Gooder Scripts, Emails, Voicemails and Stuff

Are you snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

Let me throw a few statistics at you. Seemingly unrelated but give me a moment.

It takes 18 dials on average to connect with a buyer. (My rule of thumb always has been 9 – 12 dials.) This number is moving up, and it is no surprise.

About half of those that agree to a meeting will end up buying or switching vendors within 18 months. Most of the buying occurs between months 4 and 18.

It takes more touches to get a lead.

Those “touches” need to be a mix of phone calls, Emails, Voicemails, at times Linkedin interactions. Some companies go on unscheduled office visits to leave materials behind as a touch to their system. Texting is getting more attention as a touch.

Since mobile has arrived, attention spans have dropped. From an average of 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Goldfish will pay attention for 9 seconds.

It takes working an ever-increasing pool of suspects to squeeze out the same level of qualified prospects.

What Does This Have to Do with Writing Gooder Sales Scripts

It takes more effort to speak to someone.
It takes more touches to get their attention.
You have to prospect more and more people to get the same result.

When you do get someone’s attention, it will be just for a few seconds or a glance before they make a decision. Will they stay or will they go? Keep reading? Keep listening? Say “yes” or send a response?

You have just seconds to get them a bit further. If they have needs and what you say is perceived well enough, you get a meeting. If they have needs yet you fail that few seconds test, they are gone, and you did all the work but got nothing.

Whether you meet your sales goals may depend on what you say in the first moments to someone who doesn’t know you. Getting a close may have far more do with those few seconds than it does with your pipeline management and closing skills.

No meeting, no nothing.
Get the meeting; you end up adding to your pool of those highly likely to buy from someone within 4 – 18 months.

You and your team are working harder and harder to get a chance to sell a meeting to someone highly like to buy. Whether that future buyer jumps in your boat or stays out turns on a very short interaction.

Are Your Sell the Meeting Interactions Communicating Enough Trust, Credibility and Value?

If your team is winging it, has not prepared the words on which sales success hinges, does not have a “pile of words” that contains all your key points, all the phrases of your top performers, lists out all your key credibility points, the key benefits your clients get from you, future sales are falling right through your fingers.

Not because you are not working hard enough or are not capable. But because your verbiage could be better.

So revisit your phone scripts and email communications. Don’t lose out on discovery calls and meetings simply because your verbiage wasn’t gooder.

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