Appointment Setting Script That Gets No Interruptions

– No interruptions when delivering appointment pitch.
– 2-3 appointments a day.

It’s nice to hear about good results.

A loyal reader and customer of mine left a comment on a blog post about a script he created that gets him 2–3 appointments a day and has virtually eliminated interruptions. Interruptions had been a big problem.

I called to say thanks, and he was kind enough to share the script with me.

Prior to this script, Richard tells me he was typically only able to get one or two sentences out before being interrupted and hearing “not interested.”

Let me review the structure (it may sound familiar) and you can fill in the blanks.

“Hi this is Richard from Mega Company. We are recruitment blank blanks.

Numerous recruiting firms across the country have selected us to get desired benefit A, monster benefit B and to cut a specific cost by 60%.

If you would be open to new options and strategies could we schedule a quick 15 minute call to discuss this within the next week or so? Is your calendar handy?”

That is the script. 25 seconds.Gets him 2-3 appointments a day from 40-50 leads. Ka-ching!!

Richard told me a few other things that are instructive.

1. He always says the same thing. Exactly. He plays with the delivery and has some fun with that but never changes the words.

2. To get to a winning script he had to chop out a lot of unnecessary words. Great point. Excess words keep you from getting to the point.

Two things that struck me.

1. He added a little twist to the description that kept me listening. When he said it my thought was “I know about recruitment services, but what is this?” I kept listening.

That is exactly the type of reaction you are trying to get. Say the same old same old just like your competition and you are boring. Buh-Bye.

2. He broke one of my rules. I am not a fan at all of saying “it will only take 15 minutes.” Why? Because people hear that a lot and know that it is hardly ever true. I feel, and I am not always right, that it triggers a negative perception and reduces your value in the minds of your prospect. But, Richard felt it was appropriate, tested it, it worked, and he kept it.

Breaking the rules is OK if you know the rules and mostly work within them and veer from them only occasionally and with a purpose.

That is very different from lunging from one shot in the dark to another constantly.

So take some lessons from Richard about scripting.

– Add a little interesting twist to your service offering description.

– Eliminate needless words.

– Relate 3 very powerful benefits meaningful to your prospect.

– Ask for what you want.

Smile when you dial.
Scott Channell