Need to boost sales in rest of 2023? This factor has greatest impact.

Lesson I learned from my days of booking 2,000 appointments.
The results I got in any week, had more to do with what I did weeks ago or two months ago, than anything I did that week.

What you do today, or this week is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what impacts results. If you reach out to the right people, the right way with messaging that impacts and stay on track, you will win, if you stick to your system and execute consistently. Boom. Boom. Boom.

If you seek a boost in results from what is left of 2023, doing what you have been doing is unlikely to get you there. But if you change, improve, punch up your messaging, hit more bullseye targets, improve your process, better execute your plan, you can reasonably expect to see those changes boost results in what is left of 2023, if…

… you start now.

The results you get in Sept – December will have more to do with what you did months before, than anything you do then. It takes time to change. It takes time for a new improved process to kick into gear. If you wait until Sept to start, you really won’t get going or start to see any differences till at best end of October, and then the holidays will be right around the corner. Good luck with that.

If you start now, you have runway to assess, improve, tweak so that after Labor day, BOOM, you are ready to attack. Your improved Sept results will have far more to do with what you did in August, than anything you do in September.

Ex #1: I have a client in a niche industry that wished to boost new accounts big time with what is left in 2023. After reviewing options, helped him write a book and leverage it for new business. Major advantage over the competition and enables marketing options that competitors can’t match. That will be on Amazon in about 3 weeks. He started 2 months ago. That client has every reason to expect a major boost in balance of 23 sales because of what he did in the last few months, not because of what he will do Sept – Dec.

Another client did an assessment to get at the root of a big lead generation problem. Was able to identify three major weaknesses in their efforts. They will make the changes to fix them in August and be ready to rock in September. The work they did in July and August will have more impact on Sept – Dec results, than anything they do after Labor Day.

My point is that if you want (need?) improved sales results in what’s left of 2023, what you do now, and in August, will have more impact on those improved results, than anything you do in the moment.

If you really want to boost end of year 2023 results, start now.
Your improved results will be much more a result of what you did six weeks or three months prior, than anything else.