Inside Sales Scripts: To Ask Questions or Not to Ask Questions? That is the Question.

What is the purpose of a sales script, or a sales conversation for that matter? One thing only. To accomplish its business objective. Period. Nothing else. Many seem to think that the purpose of sales scripts and sales conversations is to “build rapport,” “get them talking” or “not sound like a telemarketer.” To those who […]

Sales Script Preparation: Writing Your Benefit Statements.

Writing your sales scripts benefit statements. This is the holy grail of writing sales scripts that work. You must quickly communicate value. If you communicate value, you can mess up a lot of things and still win. Value breaks down doors. True confession: When I was earning my cold call appointment setting PhD smiling and […]

Sales Script Preparation: Your Credibility Statement.

If there is 1 missing link in losing scripts, 1 mistake I see commonly that absolutely cripples your ability to sell over the phone, it is this: The lack of an effective credibility statement. In fact, the lack of any credibility statement at all. How do they know you are more worthwhile than the other […]

A Sales Script Path Happy Ending Question. It’s Illogical but…

I am going to share with you a short sales script that makes no logical sense yet delivers qualified opportunities again and again with virtually no extra effort. But first, some realities of high-level prospecting. Reality #1: The odds of you connecting with a buyer on your first round of calls is slim. Changing service […]

Sales Script Suicide. 3 Ways to Choke Success

3 COMMON STRATEGIC SCRIPT MISTAKES THAT COST YOU APPOINTMENTS, ACCOUNTS, REVENUE AND COMMISSIONS. 1. YOU MAKE IT EASY TO BE LUMPED IN WITH IDIOTS. Your suspects say “no” to almost everybody. Most people who call are not very good at it and waste their time. Do what most other callers do and your suspects assume […]

3 Quick Appointment Setting Sales Scripting Tips

Want to craft 30 second “set the appointment” pitches that are different, impactful and get you the meeting? Try these quick script writing tips. The new year brings an influx of coaching clients who want to quickly setup a total prospecting system… and crafting the most effective scripts is a PART of that. Tip # […]

Just Want a Sales Script?… Two Hours That Makes All the Difference.

“But Scott, I really just called you because I wanted a good script…” a slightly anxious coaching client said to me recently. Let me share a “script preparation” tip that is key to words that work. A simple thing that most people won’t do and it costs them big time. Want a good script? To […]

The “Too Salesy” Sales Script Trap Costs You.

How when you try to be everything to everybody you are nothing to everybody and when you try to call everybody nobody listens. “My manager doesn’t believe in scripts.” “You mean your manager doesn’t believe in preparation or planning and organizing the best words to use when you have very limited time to communicate value […]

Appointment Setting Script That Gets No Interruptions

– No interruptions when delivering appointment pitch. – 2-3 appointments a day. It’s nice to hear about good results. A loyal reader and customer of mine left a comment on a blog post over the weekend about a script he created that gets him 2 – 3 appointments a day and has virtually eliminated interruptions. […]